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When To Replace Your Liner

Things to consider.

How old is your pool? The life expectancy for in-ground pool liners is 10-15 years.

Losing Water? As mentioned in our “Troubleshooting” section, sometimes an old liner is the cause of water loss in your pool. If your liner can no longer properly hold water in your pool, it’s time to replace your liner.

Have you patched your liner? Patches are a better short term fix than they are a long term fix. If you find your self re-patching the same area or finding new areas that need patching, it’s time to replace your liner.

Pulling away from the coping? If your liner is pulling away from the coping, it’s an easy fix you can do yourself. Just get some liner-lock and tuck the liner back under the coping. If you find yourself repeatedly needing to do this, it may be because of your liner’s age. Old liners commonly pull from the coping. If this is the case, it’s time to consider a replacement liner.

Is your liner faded or is its look simply no longer up to date? Sometimes, replacing your liner is simply a cosmetic issue. Your liner may still be properly retaining water, but it just doesn’t make your pool look sparkling anymore.


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